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I was recently asked the question, “Dr. Jernigan, what are the keys to perfect health?” To answer this first, we must define what “perfect health” really means. We know that it is not the absence of symptoms because feeling good is not guaranteed to be healthy. This point is clear with so many people being diagnosed with cancer and other diseases that take years to manifest. Banish My Bumps Review However, these people would say they were without symptoms for many years before their diagnosis. I like the term “optimal health.” I like it so much that I put it in the name of my clinic … Hansa Center for Optimum Health! Optimal health is the product of living with the highest degree of functional integrity within the body, mind, and spirit. Optimal health is manifested by the ability of the body, mind, and spirit to instantly and correctly adapt to any change in their internal and external environment.


Real Healing is the product of guiding and facilitating the restoration of the integrity of all aspects of body, mind, and spirit through carefully applied physical treatments, natural medicines, and therapies, as well as through teaching and coaching Back to optimal health at all levels. Real healing can never occur just by masking the symptoms. It could also be magical if one should take a pill forever to feel good. If one takes the pill away, the reality is obvious … Not only you still have your problem but under the bill that has gotten worse. So the keys to optimal health can not be found by creating illusions of health drugs! In an ideal world, each generation would have taught the next generation the optimum realities of understanding the concepts of universal love, the concepts of learning how one actually gets what one is going, how to grow and eat energetically “live” foods, and much more.

The point is that we are all playing catch up on all the mistakes, mistreatment and misinformation that has happened in our lives and in the lives of our ancestors. So we must first realize that real healing is necessary no matter who you are and it does not matter if you have symptoms or not. I can not stress enough the need to use only healing methods that work for the sole purpose of restoring your perfect design of God, because we are invincible by design … if we play by universal laws/rules and if we restore our Whole glass I like the term “vessel” rather than “body” since most of us were taught that all we are is our physical body. We are definitely more than our physical body! In these situations, a good strategy is to take a day of heavyweight training and replace it with a workout using light weights (about half the original weights). Or better yet, you could stay away from the weights altogether and perform an exercise primarily using cord exercises.